Still using sms, phone calls or emails for making orders?

UGET — make orders as simple as never before

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Uget makes buying processes automatic

Forget about making calls, sending emails or filling online forms. Just place an order in a few clicks. As simple as online shopping.

+ 7 hours

Save up to 7 hours per week of the managers’ time and avoid the regular mistakes in the ordering process. Uget will help your manager to concentrate on more important things.

Uget shows you real market with big opportunities

Stop wasting your time comparing the offers in leaflets and emails. We have gathered all actual proposals for you in one place.

Uget offers you an easy way to discover a market and helps you to choose the best option based on your preferences.

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Uget makes personal work more efficient

Don't waste your time updating prices in your catalogs and notifying your customers.

Let you employees make
a real work, not a routine.

One standard for all

Uget creates a new market and standards.
It’s a new sales channel and a marketplace full of alternative offers.

It’s always one easy process

You don't need to find communication channel with a new partner. Just place an order in Uget like with the others.